Tom Bergeron’s Bitterness: The Story Behind His Exit from Dancing With The Stars


Tom Bergeron, the former host of “Dancing With the Stars,” expressed deep dissatisfaction with how his tenure on the show came to an end. After hosting the program since 2005, Bergeron announced his departure in 2020. He described it as an unexpected gift in his career and expressed gratitude for the friendships he made.

Despite the amicable tone of his departure, Bergeron hinted on a podcast that he had been at odds with the show’s production for some time. He suggested that there might have been more to the story than what was publicly known.

The source of his discontent appears to be related to the casting of Sean Spicer, the former press secretary for then-President Donald Trump, as a contestant in the 2020 season. Bergeron had requested that the show avoid casting dancers affiliated with any political party, given the contentious nature of the 2020 election year. However, his plea was ignored, and Spicer was brought onto the show.


Bergeron felt strongly that this decision was inappropriate given the political climate, and he suggested taking a leave for the year. However, when no compromise was reached, he was released from his contract.

Bergeron released a statement in 2019 expressing his hope that the show would provide a joyful escape from the political climate and avoid divisive political affiliations. While he didn’t explicitly name Spicer, it was clear to fans who he was referring to.

Bergeron’s stance on the matter remained firm, and he believed that bringing on any politician during such a contentious election year was a betrayal of the show’s purpose. This ultimately led to his departure from “Dancing With the Stars.”