‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 3 Episode count


Title: Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Tenjiku Arc Unleashes a New Gang Battle

Tokyo Revengers Season 3, delving into the Tenjiku Arc, returns with a bang, bringing fresh faces and intensifying gang conflicts. Takemichi Hanagaki, the series’ iconic crybaby delinquent, along with the Tokyo Manji Gang, takes center stage once again.

The latest season, which premiered on October 3, promises a host of intriguing characters, especially from the rival gang Tenjiku, distinguished by their distinctive red uniforms, under the leadership of the enigmatic Izana Kurokawa.


Episode Count for Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Tenjiku Arc

The anime series is currently being broadcasted across various Japanese networks, with a new episode hitting screens every Tuesday. For most regions, viewers can catch the latest episodes on Disney Plus, typically becoming available in the early hours of Wednesday.

Disney+ has taken over the reins for the series since the release of Season 2, following Crunchyroll’s handling of the first season. Season 1 was the lengthiest, comprising a total of 24 episodes. The format shifts with Season 3, aligning with the 13-episode structure introduced in Season 2.

Originally slated for a Saturday release, the airing schedule was shifted to Tuesdays. Fans speculate this adjustment might have been made to avoid overlap with the highly anticipated return of another popular series, Spy x Family, scheduled for Season 2 release on Oct. 7. Moreover, keen-eyed fans have noted that Episode 5 of Tokyo Revengers Season 3 falls on Halloween. Given the series’ knack for delivering high-stakes events, those who haven’t kept up with Ken Wakui’s manga are eagerly awaiting whether this season’s climax will rival or surpass the infamous and violent incident of Oct. 31, 2005, aptly named “Bloody Halloween.”

With the Tenjiku Arc promising even more intense gang conflicts, viewers can anticipate an adrenaline-fueled ride as Takemichi and the Tokyo Manji Gang plunge into another thrilling battle.