Tiffany Haddish on DUI arrest: ‘I’m going to get some help’


Actress Comedienne Tiffany Haddish has talked about her arrest for falling asleep behind the wheel. The “Girls Trip” star was cited by authorities for driving under the influence after dozing off in the middle of the street. In an interview, Haddish addressed the incident and said that she is going to seek help following the incident, reports “I’m going to get some help so I can learn balance and boundaries,” she told ET.

Haddish also assured that “this will never happen again”. According to the actress, before the incident, she was at The Laugh Factory helping feed the underprivileged on Thanksgiving day and also performed a special comedy routine. Haddish addressed the arrest during a performance at The Laugh Factory in California. “What happened last night?” Haddish said hours after the news broke she was cited with a DUI. “Ah, damn. You tell me. I don’t know.”