THIS Tv Series Review Offended Donald Sutherland!


After establishing a distinguished career like Donald Sutherland’s, it’s only natural to become accustomed to receiving accolades for one’s work. So, it came as a surprise when the esteemed actor came across a negative review for one of his television shows, an experience he wasn’t particularly pleased about.

Donald Sutherland’s filmography boasts some of the most noteworthy movies in cinematic history. From the chilling horror classic “Don’t Look Now” to the critically acclaimed ’80s drama “Ordinary People,” Sutherland has left an indelible mark on the industry. Not to mention his portrayal of one of cinema’s most compelling villains, President Snow, in the Hunger Games franchise.

Given Sutherland’s track record, encountering a negative critique is a rarity. So, when Anderson Cooper of CBS relayed a critic’s remark about one of his TV projects, “Dirty Sexy Money,” Sutherland was taken aback. The critic had opined, “The question is not just what a class actor like Sutherland is doing in trash like this, but whether Sutherland is actually in a different show entirely.”


Upon learning that this assessment pertained to “Dirty Sexy Money,” Sutherland’s response was immediate. He defended the show, stating, “Oh, excuse me. That’s not trash. That was a really, really good show. Oh. I’m offended.”

Interestingly, when Cooper inquired whether Sutherland had actually watched “Dirty Sexy Money,” Sutherland admitted he hadn’t managed to catch his own performance. Nevertheless, he maintained his conviction in the show’s quality, asserting, “Because I was in it, I don’t mean it was good because I was in it. I mean… because doing it, you knew it was good. And you knew from the response of people on the street.”

While it might be a stretch to label “Dirty Sexy Money” as one of the greatest TV series of all time, dismissing it as “trash” may be a touch unjust. Nonetheless, Sutherland’s illustrious career more than compensates for any minor blips in his filmography.

Fans of Sutherland’s portrayal of Coriolanus Snow will be delighted to know that the character is set to make an appearance in an upcoming film, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” scheduled for release later this year. Although Sutherland won’t be reprising the role, there is palpable excitement surrounding this prequel story.