THIS Star Trek film actually contributed to save the planet Earth!


In the expansive Star Trek universe, the mission to rescue a planet from utter annihilation was a routine task. However, in Star Trek 4: Voyage Home, Captain Kirk and Spock redirected their efforts towards saving a planet much closer to their hearts. They embarked on a journey back in time to the year 1986 with the singular aim of preventing Earth from meeting its end at the hands of an alien probe. Surprisingly, the linchpin in this quest to safeguard the planet turned out to be none other than humpback whales.

By the year 2286, humpback whales had sadly vanished from the face of the Earth, painting a grim picture of their future in the Star Trek film released during the zenith of ’80s cinema. In 1986, these majestic creatures were officially recognized as an endangered species. However, the release of this science fiction masterpiece heralded a significant shift in the public’s perception. This real-world impact unequivocally sets The Voyage Home apart when contemplating the Star Trek film series in chronological order.

Following the debut of The Voyage Home, the audience was so profoundly moved by the plight of humpback whales — a species teetering on the brink of extinction — that Greenpeace experienced a surge in phone calls, letters, and contributions.


In a 1986 interview with the Associated Press, Gene Wilkinson, the Wildlife Legislative Director at Greenpeace’s Washington chapter, commended the Star Trek film for drawing attention to conservation efforts. He remarked, “It’s brought attention to the fact that whaling is still going on. The whale population is vulnerable to the point of extinction. Also, [the movie] stands for a whole lot of species that countries are exploiting or losing due to extinction.”

However, the iconic figures of the Star Trek universe did not merely raise awareness about these critical issues; they motivated individuals to take action in order to improve the world. This ultimately led to humpback whales no longer being subjected to relentless hunting, inching them away from commercial extinction, as Wilkinson emphasized. So, can The Voyage Home be considered the paramount entry in the Star Trek franchise? The humpback whales would most likely concur.