This Margot Robbie movie is Netflix’s latest hit and here’s why you should watch it


Netflix found its hero in an unexpected form – the Lord of the Jungle. The 2016 film, “The Legend of Tarzan,” swiftly climbed the ranks on Netflix, securing its place as the most-watched movie. What’s particularly noteworthy is its triumph over several DC superhero films also available on the platform; most of them failed to reach the coveted No. 1 spot, unlike “The Legend of Tarzan.”

The film’s resurgence in popularity, eight years after its initial release, raises the question: Why are audiences drawn to this cinematic tale? While the movie had moderate success upon its debut, it didn’t spawn a sequel. Nevertheless, the qualities that captivated audiences in 2016 remain the same, offering three compelling reasons why you should consider watching “The Legend of Tarzan” on Netflix.

Director David Yates made an exceptional choice in casting, assembling a stellar lineup. Alexander Skarsgård, renowned for his role in HBO’s “True Blood” and later seen in “The Northman,” brought both physicality and emotional depth to his portrayal of Tarzan. Skarsgård’s thoughtful depiction captured the essence of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic hero.


Margot Robbie, cast as Tarzan’s wife, Jane, added further acclaim to the film. Robbie, now a megastar after her success in “Barbie,” portrayed Jane with a perfect blend of wit and courage, staying true to the character’s essence.

The supporting cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, and Djimon Hounsou, delivered strong performances, contributing significantly to the film’s success.

“The Legend of Tarzan” challenges the conventional narrative of a “white savior” story often associated with Burroughs’ tales. It confronts the issue of colonialism, presenting a nuanced perspective. At the movie’s outset, Tarzan resides comfortably in London with Jane, showing no eagerness to return to Africa. It is only through George Washington Williams’ insistence that Tarzan reconsiders, especially upon learning about the enslavement of the Congolese people by the Belgians.

Jackson’s character, George Washington Williams, inspired by a real historical figure, sheds light on the atrocities in the Congo. In this context, Tarzan grapples with his responsibility not only towards the people of his former homeland but also to the ape family that raised him. The film explores Tarzan’s identity and the decisions he must make as a man of two worlds.

While addressing political themes, “The Legend of Tarzan” remains a quintessential summer blockbuster, embodying the spirit of old-school action and adventure. In contrast to the lackluster superhero films of 2023, the movie stands out as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic storytelling. It avoids descending into despair, offering a tale of an extraordinary hero that has resonated in pop culture for over a century.

The film also provides moments of heroism for the supporting characters, allowing Jane and Williams, the ordinary people in Tarzan’s orbit, to shine.

Despite the uncertainty of another Tarzan movie in the near future, increased viewership for this film holds the potential to keep the legend alive. Reassembling the remarkable cast, however, would undoubtedly pose a significant challenge.

In conclusion, “The Legend of Tarzan” on Netflix promises a cinematic experience filled with action, adventure, and a reimagined take on the classic Tarzan narrative.