THIS Is Why Kim Kardashian Got A New Nanny For Her Oldest Son Saint West!


Kim Kardashian recently shared that she has hired a male nanny for her son, Saint West, as she finds it challenging to be consistently strict and disciplined. She also expressed a desire for a partner who could share the responsibility, especially due to her busy schedule. Given the divorce between Kardashian and Kanye West, she feels Saint lacks a consistent male influence in his life, which led to her decision.

Surprisingly, Kanye was supportive of this decision and even took the initiative to meet the male nanny and offer his input on raising Saint. This positive response reflects a potential positive shift in their co-parenting dynamic, which has faced challenges in the past. Kim Kardashian previously emphasized the importance of being a supportive co-parent, regardless of personal difficulties, in an interview with Vogue in March 2022.

This news sparked varied reactions on social media. Many supporters praised Kim’s decision, recognizing her dedication to her children’s well-being. They appreciated her effort to provide a stable influence for Saint, especially when Kanye’s work commitments require him to travel frequently. However, there were also dissenting opinions. Some argued that a male nanny could not replace a father’s influence, suggesting that more time with Kanye might be a better solution.


In addition to discussing Kim’s decision, social media also reminisced about some of Saint West’s previous notable moments. His expressive personality and candid interactions with the paparazzi have garnered attention over the years. From playful antics to candid remarks, Saint’s behavior has become a talking point, showcasing his lively and authentic childhood experiences. Despite occasional controversies, it’s important to remember that Saint is just a young child navigating the complexities of growing up in the public eye.