THIS Is Why John Ritter’s Widow Amy Yasbeck Was Never The Same After His Death!


Amy Yasbeck endured a profound loss when her husband, John Ritter, tragically passed away in 2003 due to an aortic dissection. Their relationship began in 1989 while working on “Problem Child,” yet it wasn’t until 1994, after Ritter’s split from his first wife, that he and Yasbeck began dating. They married in 1999, shortly after the birth of their fourth child, Noah. Yasbeck detailed her struggles with grief in her 2010 memoir, describing the overwhelming pain and heartache following Ritter’s sudden death.

Reflecting on her journey through grief, Yasbeck expressed how her world drastically changed after losing her husband. She described the profound impact on her life, admitting to the challenges of navigating each day without him.

Despite the passage of over 20 years since Ritter’s passing, Yasbeck has remained a widow. She has been reluctant to pursue new romantic relationships, expressing that the idea of dating again feels daunting. Yasbeck explained that being around other men intensifies her longing for Ritter, as she still feels deeply connected to him. She has been hesitant to engage in new relationships out of respect for Ritter’s memory and her enduring love for him.


However, Yasbeck did engage in a relationship with attorney Michael Plonsker in the years following Ritter’s death. They dated from 2011 to 2014, and while Yasbeck acknowledged their romance, she continued to carry the enduring love and connection she felt for her late husband.

Throughout her journey, Yasbeck has actively honored Ritter’s memory. She fondly reminisced about their deep connection and acknowledged their special bond. Yasbeck described Ritter as her soulmate and highlighted the undeniable connection they shared.

After Ritter’s passing, Yasbeck founded The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health to raise awareness and support research related to aortic health, aiming to prevent aortic dissection-related deaths through education and research. She sees sharing Ritter’s story as a way to make a positive impact, alleviating others’ suffering and preventing similar tragedies from occurring.

Yasbeck’s dedication to honoring Ritter’s memory and advocating for aortic health reflects her enduring love and commitment to ensuring his legacy makes a meaningful and positive impact on the world.