THIS Is Why Jen Lilley Stopped Playing Theresa On ‘Days Of Our Lives’


For three years, Jen Lilley portrayed the character Theresa Donovan on the popular soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” She described it as a challenging but enjoyable role, loving the unexpected twists in each script. Lilley emphasized that she and Theresa were quite different in real life, except for their shared sense of humor.

In 2016, Lilley surprised her fans by announcing her departure from the show through a heartfelt statement on social media. She expressed deep affection for her character, Theresa, and explained that her decision was motivated by a desire to spend more time with her family, focus on charity work, and explore other career opportunities. Lilley clarified that her exit was on good terms with the show and there was no underlying drama.

Since leaving “Days of Our Lives,” Jen Lilley has been keeping herself busy. She’s been working on recording an album, writing a children’s book, and participating in various film and TV projects. Additionally, she’s been involved in charitable endeavors like building wells in Eswatini and is in the process of becoming a certified foster parent.


Although Lilley briefly returned to “Days” in 2018, she hinted in September 2023 that another actor would be taking over the role of Theresa. She encouraged fans to be supportive of the new performer, emphasizing the challenges that come with stepping into an established character. Despite this, Lilley expressed her love and respect for her “Days of Our Lives” colleagues and fans.