THIS is why Barbra Streisand doesn’t want to return to acting!


Barbra Streisand, an entertainment icon with a storied career, has left an indelible mark on stage and screen, amassing numerous accolades across film, music, and theater. Renowned for her acclaimed performances in movies like “Funny Girl,” which earned her an Oscar, Streisand’s multifaceted talents extended to directing, writing, and winning multiple prestigious awards, including Emmys, Grammys, and a Tony.

Renowned for her prodigious talent, Streisand’s influence extends far beyond her artistic accomplishments. She’s admired and celebrated by peers in the industry, receiving adulation and praise from fellow stars. Even Jason Momoa, a lifelong fan, expressed awe and excitement when Streisand personally recognized him at The Oscars, recounting the moment with sheer enthusiasm.

Despite her undeniable prowess, Streisand recently announced her retirement from making movies. In an interview with People, she expressed weariness with the film-making process, citing the exhaustive nature of bringing movie concepts to fruition. Streisand highlighted the challenges of committing to various roles, from fitting into period costumes to immersing herself in unfamiliar locations, attributing her limited filmography partly to her own complex nature and desire for downtime.


Acknowledging her self-described ‘laziness’ post-project completion during an interview with Howard Stern, Streisand emphasized her commitment to work during production but relished the freedom and contentment of post-project relaxation, especially spending time with family and grandchildren, indicating a shift in her priorities away from work-centric pursuits.

However, while Streisand bids adieu to acting, she remains open to the possibility of directing future films. She finds directing more appealing than acting, expressing a willingness to helm another movie, albeit not her first or second choice of projects. Her last directorial venture dates back to the mid-’90s, and although she had contemplated leaving the film industry entirely, her recent statements suggest a potential return to directing.

In a 2021 interview with Variety, Streisand hinted at a potential comeback to acting, mentioning a project she previously worked on called “Third Time Lucky.” Despite her retirement announcement, she left the door slightly ajar for future endeavors, considering the possibility of filming with handheld cameras, hinting at a project she began years ago and revisited through photography with her iPhone.

While Streisand may have declared her departure from acting, her enduring passion for storytelling and filmmaking leaves a flicker of possibility for future involvement in the industry, whether behind the camera or, perhaps, an unexpected return to the spotlight in front of it.