THIS Is Who Troy Aikman Moved On With After His Divorce!


In June 2023, social media was buzzing with photos of Troy Aikman and his girlfriend, sparking discussions about their age difference and Aikman’s apparent ongoing marriage to his second wife, Catherine “Capa” Mooty.

Aikman proposed to Mooty in Italy in 2017, and they quickly tied the knot later that year. However, even early on, Aikman joked about their hectic schedules, mentioning they hadn’t had time for a proper honeymoon.

Six years later, Aikman made headlines during another Italian vacation when his girlfriend, Haley Clark, shared pictures of their trip on her Instagram. On June 7, 2023, a photo showed Clark giving Aikman a kiss on the cheek as they relaxed near the water in Capri, Italy. The New York Post highlighted the significant age gap, with Clark being 22 years younger than Aikman. At that time, the status of Aikman’s marriage was uncertain.


Reports suggested Aikman and Catherine “Capa” Mooty had been estranged for some time. It was noted that Aikman hadn’t posted any pictures with his wife on Instagram since 2019, and Mooty hadn’t shared any with him since 2020. The New York Post posited that the PDA photos with Haley Clark indicated the end of Aikman’s marriage. However, other sources were more cautious about declaring the marriage over.

A day later, it was clarified that Aikman and Mooty had been separated since 2020, though Aikman officially confirmed their divorce in late July. Despite the split, they maintained an amicable relationship, remaining close to each other’s children.

Aikman’s relationship with Haley Clark appears to have begun in early 2023. Clark posted a photo in February showing personalized place settings with their names. Aikman also brought his daughters along on their June trip to Italy, indicating a well-established relationship prior to the widely circulated photos.

After the images circulated, Clark briefly made her Instagram private but later reopened it to the public. She shared a picturesque photo with Aikman from their Italian trip on June 28, showcasing the stunning Amalfi Coast in the background. Aikman reciprocated by featuring Clark in his Instagram Stories on August 31, capturing a moment from their offseason hike, eagerly anticipating “Monday Night Football.”