THIS is where you have seen Chalnoth before in Star Trek!


Have you encountered the Chalnoth before, and what other information do we have about this species from Star Trek? Warning: Slight spoilers for Star Trek Lower Decks episode ‘Something Borrowed, Something Green’.

Star Trek has a penchant for showcasing formidable “warrior species.” Over the course of the Star Trek saga, we’ve encountered the likes of Klingons, Nausicaans, Jem’Hadar, and Hirogen. Now, we can add the Chalnoth to that list. The ongoing series, Star Trek: Lower Decks, recently reintroduced the Chalnoth, prompting even the most dedicated Star Trek enthusiasts to wonder about their previous appearances and what details we have about them. As is often the case with valuable Star Trek lore, it all traces back to one of the greatest TV series of all time: TNG.

The Background of the Chalnoth in the Star Trek Universe


The Chalnoth are a physically imposing and assertive species native to the planet Chalna. Captain Picard first encountered them in the year 2354 during his command of the Stargazer, although there appeared to be no formal affiliation between Chalna and the Federation. Prior to Lower Decks season 4, the Chalnoth had only made a single appearance in Star Trek, with an individual named Esoqq playing a significant role in the TNG season 3 episode ‘Allegiance’.

In this episode, set in 2366, Captain Picard, along with Esoqq and other non-human captives, is abducted by an enigmatic and technologically advanced alien group. The aliens confine this group in a sealed room to observe and study their reactions to pressure in order to learn about their respective species. To accomplish this, they artificially create tension and paranoia, fostering distrust among the captives. Esoqq, in particular, lacks patience and advocates for using violence and coercion to escape captivity; he even goes so far as to threaten to consume others when his access to food is restricted.

However, it becomes evident that Esoqq is not malevolent or villainous, despite his imposing stature (highlighting one of Star Trek’s central themes: seeing beyond initial impressions and prejudices). Aggressiveness is a natural trait of his species, and the situation was deliberately designed to bring out his most extreme instincts and tendencies. Following ‘Allegiance’, the Chalnoth had not resurfaced in Star Trek canon until their recent appearance in Lower Decks.

Additional Insights into the Chalnoth

Much about the Chalnoth remains shrouded in mystery, though their return in Lower Decks provides a few more glimpses into their society and history. Specifically, the interaction between Captain Freeman and the Chalnoth captain indicates that since the events of ‘Allegiance’, Starfleet has had more dealings with the Chalnoth, and both parties seem to possess a deeper understanding of each other, resulting in an uneasy truce.

Moreover, while ‘Allegiance’ primarily showcased the aggressive side of the Chalnoth, Lower Decks introduced a more nuanced view of their society and culture. We now learn that they harbor a strong interest in scientific exploration and discovery. Tensions arise between the USS Cerritos and a Chalnoth vessel when both attempt to scan the same nebula. The Chalnoth are in pursuit of data on the nebula, but it requires negotiation between Captain Freeman and the Chalnoth captain to resolve the dispute.

This aligns with the initial characterization of the Chalnoth in ‘Allegiance’, while also adding a layer of depth to their race. Hopefully, audiences will have the opportunity to encounter the Chalnoth again in the near future, as there is much untapped potential to explore.