THIS Is What Sofia Vergara Has Been Upto After Her Split With Joe Manganiello!


Sofia Vergara has separated from fellow actor Joe Manganiello, but she appears determined to focus on herself. It’s been two months since Manganiello initiated divorce proceedings, citing “irreconcilable differences” to end their seven-year marriage. While fans have been saddened by the news, there were signs suggesting that Vergara and Manganiello were facing challenges in their relationship. Recently, sources have disclosed some internal issues the couple was allegedly grappling with, but both have chosen to keep their personal matters private.

Despite their potential challenges, there’s no doubt about the genuine care they once had for each other, setting them apart from some of their Hollywood peers. A source revealed that they were striving for an amicable resolution, even in the midst of working through certain matters like custody of their dog, Bubbles. Although divorce is inherently difficult, it’s commendable that Manganiello and Vergara are handling it with grace. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be surprising if Vergara took some much-needed time to heal. However, it appears that both soon-to-be ex-partners are managing the situation quite well, with Vergara showing remarkable resilience.

In a recent interview with ET, Vergara demonstrated her positive outlook on the events of the past year. She described it as “very interesting” and acknowledged the mix of good and challenging experiences. Vergara emphasized the dynamic nature of life, appreciating both the ups and downs. She expressed gratitude for the enjoyable moments and looked forward to more positive experiences. Despite Manganiello moving on quickly with someone else, Vergara has chosen to maintain a positive attitude.


It’s evident that Vergara has been proactive in maintaining her spirits. Reports from July indicated that she was handling the divorce well, expressing some sadness but also acknowledging her fortunate circumstances. She continues to live in her own home, while Joe Manganiello resides elsewhere. Their lack of public conflict suggests a mutual effort to keep the situation drama-free.

Furthermore, Sofia Vergara is fully engaged in her career. Her latest project, “Griselda,” presents her in a new and distinct role. The series, based on the life of former cartel leader Griselda Blanco, is set to be a companion piece to the concluded series “Narcos.” Vergara’s portrayal of Blanco showcases her versatility as an actress. Although Blanco’s real-life actions were marked by extreme cruelty, including involvement in multiple murders, Vergara’s performance in the role is highly anticipated. The series is set to premiere in January 2024, and the official trailer reveals her striking transformation into a notorious figure.