THIS Is What Shakira Looks Like With No Makeup


Shakira, a renowned pop star with numerous concerts and music videos under her belt, has showcased a variety of makeup styles over her career. Originating from Colombia, she rose to Latin stardom with her 1995 album “Pies Descalzos” and earned Latin Grammy accolades for tracks in her subsequent 1998 release, “¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?” During this period, she favoured a distinct appearance featuring dark brown hair and a smoky eye, as evidenced in her “Inevitable” music video.

Upon her foray into the United States music scene with the English album “Laundry Service,” Shakira transitioned from her previous gothic aesthetic to a beachy blonde look, complemented by a more understated makeup style. In 2014, she graced the cover of Glamour magazine with a minimalistic makeup approach, emphasizing her natural features. While she did wear makeup, the absence of heavy liner or bold lips highlighted Shakira’s radiant, makeup-free complexion, a look she has demonstrated numerous times.

In a 2022 beachside Instagram post, Shakira exhibited her freckles and sun-kissed skin, exemplifying the beauty of simplicity. Captioning the photo “Cuando se asoma el sol” or “When the sun goes down,” she exuded a natural radiance. In 2020, she shared a more subdued appearance in support of relief efforts for the tragic explosion in Beirut. Wearing a t-shirt bearing the words “Rise From The Ashes,” Shakira emphasized the cause, stating that all profits would aid humanitarian endeavours.


Shakira divulged her skincare regimen to InStyle, emphasizing the benefits of a vitamin C serum for hydrating and revitalizing her skin. She also advocated for vitamin E application on particularly dry days. In terms of makeup, Shakira favoured a minimalist approach, believing that less is more. She expressed, “I feel like the less makeup I use, the better I look.” In addition to her skincare routine, Shakira adheres to a beauty philosophy that extends beyond makeup.

While Shakira has received acclaim for her outward appearance, she contends that true beauty emanates from one’s inner state. In an interview with Melanie Murphy, she stated, “I think beauty is more… has a lot to do with a state of mind and feeling harmonious inside.” Nonetheless, she acknowledged the role of certain products in enhancing her appearance. Shakira underscored the significance of applying vitamins, particularly vitamin C for collagen production.

Sunblock is a non-negotiable in Shakira’s routine, with her favoured brand being BabyGanics for its natural, waterproof, and gentle properties. For a light summer look, she mentioned a preference for a more natural makeup approach. Rather than applying foundation all over, she opts for targeted application in specific areas. Even when preparing for events like the 2023 VMA’s, Shakira adheres to her tried-and-true soft and elegant look that has been her signature style for over a decade.