THIS is Thrawn’s real name from star wars and you won’t believe what it is!


Unless you possess a deep familiarity with the chronicles of a distant galactic realm, the name Grand Admiral Thrawn might not hold much significance. In fact, unless you’ve delved into the animated series “Star Wars Rebels” and acquainted yourself with “Ahsoka,” this reference might draw a blank. Allow me to commence at the genesis of this tale.

In the expansive universe of Star Wars, it’s a well-established fact that a dichotomy exists between the forces of good and those decidedly less virtuous. As you progress through the Star Wars saga in chronological order, you’ll encounter a diverse array of malevolent agents aligned with the formidable Galactic Empire, all subservient to their supreme leader, Emperor Palpatine. However, one of the most formidable adversaries in the Star Wars pantheon has, curiously, never graced the silver screen, and can only be encountered within the confines of two distinguished Star Wars series.

Grand Admiral Thrawn, the malevolent force at the heart of Star Wars Rebels, heralds from what is widely regarded as one of the most exceptional animated series ever crafted. Now, this formidable figure is making the transition from animation to the realm of live-action, courtesy of the new Ahsoka series available on Disney Plus.


His distinctive azure complexion and piercing crimson eyes render him a visage of palpable dread. Yet, these physical attributes pale in comparison to the utterly nefarious methods he employs in executing the Emperor’s imperial edicts across the vast expanse of the galaxy. He may not be inclined towards benevolence, but within the tapestry of Star Wars characters, he undoubtedly ranks amongst the most compelling.

Should anyone invoke his true appellation, it’s conceivable that the aura of terror surrounding him might dissipate somewhat. This is because his birth name, Mitth’raw’nuruodo, stretches to an almost ludicrously protracted length. One might posit that he adopted the moniker Thrawn to streamline matters and spare himself the ignominy of derisive mirth.

If we’re to be thoroughly precise, it’s worth noting that his original name was Kivu’raw’nuru, a designation more suited to denizens of his native planet, Rentor. The sobriquet Mitth’raw’nuruodo came into play when he embarked upon his military career.

Irrespective of nomenclature, Thrawn stands as a preeminent extraterrestrial figure within the Star Wars universe, a figure whose very name is enough to inspire trepidation across the galaxy. Perhaps, then, it’s prudent that we desist from any further jesting at the expense of his nomenclature. To any Jedi who might chance upon this warning, take heed!

It’s worth noting that the portrayal of Thrawn falls under the formidable talents of Lars Mikkelsen within the Star Wars ensemble, a role that spans both “Rebels” and the new “Ahsoka Tano” production.