THIS Is How Jamie Foxx Saved A Man’s Life Following A Serious Car Accident


Jamie Foxx is no newcomer to action, having portrayed fictional heroes in films, but he demonstrated genuine bravery when he helped rescue a man’s life. Despite commencing his career as a comedian on “In Living Color” in 1991, Foxx gradually transitioned into more adventurous roles. In the 2005 film “Stealth,” where he played a Navy Lieutenant, he acknowledged the rigorous training, expressing his admiration for the real-life heroes in the Navy. He emphasized that they perform a largely unappreciated duty and believed the movie shed some light on their sacrifices. Little did he foresee that years later, a car accident near his residence would put his own courage to the test.

In a daunting incident in 2016, Foxx found himself in a real-life perilous situation. A man named Brett Kyle lost control of his vehicle on wet roads, crashing and overturning before catching fire. This terrifying event unfolded right outside Foxx’s home in Hidden Valley, California. Without hesitation, Foxx rushed towards the blazing car to extricate the trapped man. Another bystander fetched a rescue tool, and together with Foxx, they managed to free the victim. Recounting the incident, Foxx described the frantic moments, detailing how they navigated through the dangers to save Kyle.

Following the accident, medical professionals and authorities promptly arrived, attending to the injured victim. Kyle was later apprehended for driving under the influence. Nevertheless, Kyle’s father expressed profound gratitude for Foxx’s heroic intervention, underscoring the immense impact it had on their family.


Despite his life-saving actions, Foxx was reluctant to accept the label of a hero. He humbly downplayed his role, stating that he simply did what was necessary. He credited divine intervention and acknowledged the bystander, Christian, who assisted in the rescue. Foxx anticipated a future moment to reflect on the event with Christian. Meanwhile, Brett Kyle’s father, Brad, voiced heartfelt appreciation for Foxx’s selfless act, emphasizing the profound significance it held for their family.

In July 2023, amid his own recovery from health challenges, Foxx once again demonstrated heroism, though this time in a less perilous situation. Spotting a woman in Chicago lose her purse from a pedicab, he followed the vehicle until it stopped. The grateful woman extended her thanks, to which Foxx responded with a gracious, “You’re welcome, baby.”