THIS Is How Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift Put Their Alleged Past Feud to Rest!


Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato have chosen to put their rumored feud behind them and “Shake It Off.” The friction between the two musicians began in February 2016 when Swift made a generous $250,000 donation to support Kesha in her legal battle against producer Dr. Luke. Lovato, however, took issue with this, suggesting that more direct action should be taken on Capitol Hill. Although she didn’t name Swift, fans easily connected the dots.

Later that year, Lovato continued to criticize Swift in an interview with Glamour, indirectly referencing Swift’s famous “girl squad” and questioning its inclusivity. She also defended Katy Perry in her feud with Swift, expressing her view that Swift’s “Bad Blood” video was not empowering for women. The tension seemed largely one-sided, but it appears they have now put it to rest.

At the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift, nominated for 11 awards, showed her support for fellow musicians, including Demi Lovato. Swift was seen dancing and singing along to Lovato’s performance, which went viral. Lovato expressed gratitude for Swift’s support with blushing emojis and later praised Swift on Instagram Live.


This reconciliation isn’t the first time Demi Lovato extended an olive branch to Taylor Swift. In 2019, Lovato publicly praised Swift’s song “Cruel Summer” from her album “Lover.” This gesture was notable as it occurred during Swift’s feud with Scooter Braun over ownership of her music, a dispute that began when Braun acquired the rights in June 2019, just a month after Lovato joined his management team. Lovato emphasized the importance of women supporting one another in music, extending kudos to Swift.

Overall, Demi Lovato has made it clear that she’s moved past any rumored feud with Taylor Swift, and the two seem to be on amicable terms.