THIS Is How Barbara Walters Offended RHONJ Star Caroline Manzo!


Barbara Walters, a well-known broadcast journalist and TV personality, is remembered for her impressive career. However, former “Real Housewives” star Caroline Manzo had a different experience with her. During an interview on the “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, Manzo revealed that Walters didn’t greet her in the green room before their appearance on “The View.” This left Manzo feeling slighted, especially when Walters prioritized another guest over her.

Manzo expressed her disappointment that Walters chose to greet a guest who had written a book about being a professional mistress, while not taking the time to greet her. Manzo found it puzzling and somewhat hurtful, given the circumstances.

Manzo may have been alluding to Walters’ own past involvement with Senator Edward W. Brooke, hinting at a possible connection between her personal experiences and the way she treated Manzo.


Once the show started, Manzo faced a tough moment on “The View” when the hosts questioned her about her youngest son’s entrepreneurial idea of combining a car wash with a strip club. Manzo defended her son, emphasizing his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks. She also mentioned receiving a supportive gesture from host Joy Behar, suggesting that Behar understood the challenges of being a New Jersey Housewife.