THIS Horror Movie Made Ryan Reylonds Pass Out!


Ryan Reynolds has become synonymous with his charismatic comedic appearances, his ownership of a Welsh football club, and, of course, his iconic portrayal of the Merc with the Mouth. However, what may surprise many is his commendable foray into the realm of horror cinema. In 2010, Reynolds took on a role in the chilling thriller “Buried,” a departure from his typically witty and sarcastic characters. This film showcased Reynolds in a remarkably serious performance, devoid of quips and delivered with raw, unfiltered terror.

In “Buried,” Reynolds assumes the character of an American civilian in Iraq who awakens to find himself entombed alive with minimal provisions, including a phone. The film predominantly centers on Reynolds’ character within the confines of the coffin, creating an intense and claustrophobic atmosphere, making it one of the standout horror films of the past 15 years. Reynolds revealed in a conversation with David Letterman that the production was an arduous undertaking, with almost every scene shot in a single take, with only a few exceptions due to moments where he lost consciousness.

Reynolds detailed the physical challenges he faced during the filming, explaining that the lack of movement while out of breath led to his occasional fainting spells. He recounted a specific sequence where he used a paper bag to regulate his breathing before each take, ensuring he had enough oxygen to continue the scene.


Interestingly, despite the film’s premise of Reynolds being buried alive, he admitted that his decision to take on the role was somewhat superficial. Given his recent roles in action-packed Netflix and Apple films, it’s difficult to envision him tackling a project like “Buried” today.

Regrettably, it appears that the highly anticipated “Deadpool 3” might face further delays due to ongoing contract negotiations amidst the SAG-AFTRA strike. Despite this setback, “Buried” stands as a testament to Reynolds’ versatility as an actor, with many considering it to be the pinnacle of his career, comparable to the standout performance delivered by Tom Hardy in “Locke.” As Reynolds continues to diversify his roles, audiences can’t help but brace themselves for the unexpected, delivering thrilling surprises in each new endeavor.