THIS Highest-grossing Movie Lost This Major Battle!


Most likely, you don’t need us to inform you of Avatar’s success. Before James Cameron’s 2009 film, Avatar, had debuted, the phenomenon already existed. It is the highest-grossing movie ever, and its success is one we hardly ever see. However, one movie on the home media front actually defeated the Na’Vi.

The blockbuster Avatar made money in theatres, on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K, yet one of the best Disney films actually managed to outsell the other. Over the years, Sam Worthington’s journey to Pandora has sold more Blu-Rays than any other film besides Frozen.

The Numbers reports that 7,789,255 Blu-ray copies of Frozen have been distributed. That’s a big number of discs, and you wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the best family films of the last ten years. How does Avatar fit in? just 7,534,908 people. Cameron, improve; those are inexperienced figures!


Putting jokes aside, that’s a razor-thin margin. Both of these pop cultural titans captivated the entire world when they were first released and have remained popular ever since.

If we were to hypothesise as to how Frozen was able to surpass the film that is figuratively the biggest in the world, the solution most likely lies in the target market. Since many kids found Frozen to be appealing, parents bought the DVDs so that everyone could watch it. Because of this, many of the best animated films have lengthy runs; owning the Blu-ray avoids this problem in the streaming era, when collections are always changing.

Or perhaps this is merely evidence that Elsa is more powerful than Pandora in the pantheon of the greatest films. Even though he ultimately won the war, Cameron nonetheless lost this particular battle. We’re now unsure of Frozen 2’s position in relation to Avatar 2.