This Harry Potter character is smarter than Hermione Granger


For countless Harry Potter aficionados, Hermione Granger stands tall as the epitome of academic prowess at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, recent discourse in the Harry Potter Subreddit has ignited a fascinating debate, suggesting that Percy Weasley might have matched, if not surpassed, Hermione’s scholarly achievements.

The revelation revolves around the number of courses both characters pursued for their O.W.L exams – a crucial milestone in a wizard’s education. Hermione famously enrolled in an impressive twelve courses, employing a Time-Turner to manage her rigorous schedule. Yet, she eventually dropped two subjects, culminating in ten O.W.L.s.

In a surprising twist, Percy Weasley’s academic record comes under scrutiny, with claims that he also tackled twelve O.W.L. courses, seemingly without the aid of time manipulation. Moreover, he accomplished this feat while maintaining a perfect score in his N.E.W.T. exams.


The crux of this discussion orbits around the perplexing nature of Percy’s timetable. Unlike Hermione, he seemingly navigated his extensive course load without resorting to time travel, prompting speculation within the fandom. Does Percy’s achievement challenge Hermione’s intellectual standing, or does it potentially expose a narrative loophole in the series?

However, it’s important to note that the specifics of Percy’s O.W.L. performance remain ambiguous. While he completed twelve courses, the extent of his success in these subjects remains undisclosed. Contrarily, Hermione’s meticulous approach to academia, characterized by her relentless pursuit of excellence even in subjects she dislikes, speaks volumes about her dedication and perfectionism.

The decision to drop two courses by Hermione wasn’t due to inability but rather to alleviate the stress of an overwhelming workload. Her pursuit of being the foremost student in every subject led to self-imposed strain, indicating a different facet of intelligence beyond mere grades.

In essence, while Percy Weasley might boast a technically superior record in terms of academic courses completed, Hermione Granger’s comprehensive approach to learning, coupled with her unwavering dedication, elevates her status as the quintessential “brainiest witch” in the Wizarding World.

Ultimately, the comparison between Hermione and Percy’s academic achievements invites fans to revisit the Harry Potter series, encouraging a subjective assessment of intelligence and brilliance. In our eyes, Hermione’s intellectual fortitude and unwavering commitment still position her as an unparalleled figure in the realm of magical education.