Third aid convoy reach Gaza; EU ministers debate over ceasefire in Israel – Hamas war


A third convoy of trucks with humanitarian aid has entered Gaza from Rafah border on Monday, as per media reports. As Israeli warplanes struck airstrikes across Gaza during the early hours on Monday, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said EU foreign ministers are debating over whether to call for ceasefire as to enable more aid into the besieged Palestinian enclave.

Overnight, Israeli forces have killed at least 70 people, including one airstrike which alone claimed the lives of 17, as it hit a house near Jabaliya in northern Gaza, said Hamas officials on Monday.

More than 200 trucks have been waiting near the Egypt border carrying desperately needed humanitarian aid for the Palestinians.


Egypt’s military spokesperson stated that an unspecified number of soldiers at its border have suffered “minor injuries” due to “fragments of a shell accidentally fired from an Israeli tank.”

In another update, French President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to visit Tel Aviv on Tuesday for meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has vowed to completely demolish Hamas.

Leaders of Germany, U.S., Canada, France, Britain, and Italy have issued a joint statement showing their support towards Israel but also urged to adhere to international humanitarian law and protect civilians.