THESE Are The Three Essential Movies Picked Nicole Kidman!


Nicole Kidman is a legend who has been producing quality work for many years. Every time she appears in a new movie, you can be sure that it will be of a particular calibre, and Kidman is either hardly mentioned in the Oscars talk or is right in the middle of it.

Nicole Kidman is therefore one of the few people we trust more than others when it comes to picking the finest films, and she has now helped us out by sharing the three most important films from her career. “Probably The Others, The Hours, and Moulin Rouge. And it’s so strange because I shot them all simultaneously,” Kidman stated in an interview with The Film Experience.

The nicest thing about Kidman’s three selections is that they don’t only include her best drama films; they also include a love musical, a Gothic horror film, and a masterful psychological thriller. The point is that Kidman is incredibly versatile, and it shows. For her roles in all three films, Kidman received nominations from prestigious award organisations, and she took home her first (and only) Oscar for The Hours.


Each of the films is from the early 2000s and was released quickly after the other, as Kidman notes. Since that time, Kidman truly hasn’t slowed down and has earned three further Oscar nominations starting in 2011. Most recently, Kidman played Lucille Ball in the historical drama Being the Ricardos and as the evil and depraved Queen Gudrun in The Northman, one of the finest action films of 2022.

Kidman will reprise her role as Queen Atlanna when Aquaman 2 hits theatres later in the year. The present DCU administration will come to an end with Aquaman 2 before Gunn takes over and completely overhauls everything with Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters, starting with Superman Legacy. Even so, if you’re a fan of Kidman, here is your next opportunity to see her in a leading role, and anyone who wants to watch every DC movie in chronological sequence should definitely see this film.

Kidman will then star in the Netflix rom-com in 2024. Zach Efron is the opponent in A Family Affair. The new film follows Kidman’s portrayal of Kidman’s assistant mother as she falls in love with Efron’s actor Chris Cole.