THESE Are The Cosmetic Treatments Ariana Grande Has Admitted To Getting!


Ariana Grande is one of the few celebrities who has openly admitted to undergoing cosmetic procedures, a rarity in an industry where many choose to keep such matters private. In the past, she vehemently denied claims of undergoing surgeries and procedures, defending herself against various speculations.

However, Ariana eventually disclosed that she had used Botox and fillers in the past, a revelation that resonated with many of her fans. In a Vogue “Beauty Secret” video, she candidly discussed her beauty routine and shared her previous struggles with insecurities, which led her to seek treatments like lip fillers and Botox to conceal what she perceived as flaws. She emotionally expressed her decision to stop using them in 2018, citing a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Ariana emphasized a new perspective on aging, appreciating her natural lines and wrinkles as signs of a life well-lived. She also acknowledged the possibility of considering procedures in the future, reflecting on the importance of open conversations about such topics.


Her honesty was met with praise from her fans, who commended her for addressing these subjects openly. Ariana Grande has evolved in her approach to beauty, now valuing natural expression and self-acceptance. Her makeup brand, R.E.M. Beauty, launched in 2021, reflects this ethos, aiming to empower individuals to use makeup as a means of self-expression, embracing their true selves rather than adhering to fleeting trends.

In contrast to her earlier years, where she paid significant attention to external opinions and trends, Ariana now encourages authenticity and individuality. She advocates for people to be true to themselves and find confidence in their own unique style, emphasizing that self-expression is the essence of true beauty.