There’s No Obstacle Preventing Canelo Alvarez vs. David Benavidez from Happening Next


David Benavidez’s recent victory over Demetrius Andrade served as a resounding statement in the boxing world. The bout was an emphatic display of Benavidez’s prowess, solidifying his moniker, “The Mexican Monster,” and igniting speculation about a potential showdown with Canelo Alvarez.

Benavidez’s systematic dismantling of Andrade, a previously undefeated opponent, grabbed attention. His relentless assault forced Andrade’s corner to prevent further damage by ending the fight before the seventh round. This dominant performance demanded acknowledgment and undoubtedly captured Canelo’s attention.

Fans were left clamoring for a bout between Canelo and Benavidez, eagerly asking when the two would step into the ring. With Benavidez proving himself as a compelling challenger, the pressure for this showdown is mounting. Even if Canelo initially showed little interest in facing Benavidez, the recent events have changed the narrative.


As the reigning WBC interim super middleweight champion and a two-time WBC super middleweight titleholder, Benavidez stands as a legitimate contender. His past title losses outside the ring haven’t dampened the perception that he remains a true champion, especially as Canelo has cleared out most other top contenders in the division.

Canelo’s own statements have cornered him into considering the fight. Despite his initial reluctance, Benavidez’s youth, size, strength, and relentless offensive style make him a formidable opponent. His exceptional activity in the ring presents a challenge that Canelo may not have faced in recent years.

However, Canelo’s legacy could be at stake if he avoids this bout. A matchup with Benavidez promises a gripping event, potentially challenging Canelo’s stronghold over Mexican holidays. The allure of a clash between two Mexican stars captivates fans, evidenced by the substantial support Benavidez garnered in his recent fight.

While Terence Crawford could potentially disrupt this narrative, numerous hurdles stand in the way of a Canelo-Crawford fight. Benavidez stands as the more viable and deserving opponent for Canelo, offering a more compelling challenge without the size advantage that Canelo often enjoys.

Benavidez himself acknowledges the inevitability of their showdown. He’s weary of calling out Canelo, believing that the fans’ demand for this fight speaks for itself. The undefeated fighter has positioned himself as a force to be reckoned with, heralding the “David Benavidez era.”

Ultimately, the ball is in Canelo’s court. The best way for him to reinforce his era’s dominance is to accept the challenge and face Benavidez in what could be a marquee fight in 2024. The fans await eagerly to see if Canelo will seize this opportunity and deliver the fight they desire.