The YouTube Scandal That Rocked Logan Paul’s Reputation


In December 2017, Logan Paul sparked outrage when he visited Aokigahara, a forest in Japan known for its high suicide rate, to film a YouTube video. During the video, which quickly garnered millions of views, Paul stumbled upon the body of a person who had apparently taken their own life. His reaction was seen as highly disrespectful; at one point, he even laughed and asked, “Yo, are you alive?” The video was swiftly removed, but not before Paul faced a significant backlash for his insensitivity.

Logan Paul’s Apology and Fallout

Under immense pressure from fans and critics alike, Logan Paul issued a public apology. On January 1, 2018, he wrote on Twitter, “Let’s start with this—I’m sorry. I’ve never faced criticism like this before because I’ve never made a mistake like this before.” The next day, he posted a video apology on YouTube and announced a hiatus from the platform, tweeting, “Taking time to reflect … no vlog for now … see you soon.” Later that month, Paul addressed the controversy in an interview with TMZ, stating, “Everyone deserves second chances, bro.” He eventually found a second chance by pivoting to a career in boxing, although he did not entirely escape controversy.

Logan Paul’s Boxing Career

In January 2019, Logan Paul once again found himself in hot water for making insensitive remarks on his “Impaulsive” podcast. While discussing his decision to go vegan for a month, Paul joked about “going gay” for the month of March, which drew criticism from GLAAD. Paul apologized for his “very poor choice of words” and invited GLAAD to discuss the issue on his podcast.

Despite these missteps, Paul made headlines later that year for positive reasons. Having shifted his focus to boxing in 2018, Paul spoke about how the sport had positively impacted his life. “Just like everyone in life, people make mistakes; mine happened to be in public and in front of the whole world,” he told the BBC in October 2019. “Boxing is by far one of the best things to happen to my life.” He embraced the challenges of the sport and believed that surviving public embarrassment demonstrated his resilience. “If my career was going to end, it would have ended already,” he told Entertainment Tonight in November 2019. However, the fallout from the Japan controversy continued to affect him.


Fallout from the Controversy: The Rock and Legal Troubles

The controversy had lasting effects on Logan Paul’s relationships and career. In a 2022 appearance on “The MMA Hour” podcast, Paul reflected on the incident, describing it as a significant learning experience. “I often look back at that time of my life and the person I was unfortunately becoming … I can safely say Japan was the biggest blessing of my life,” he said. Despite moving on and showing growth, the incident damaged his relationship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. On “The Pain Game” podcast in June 2022, Paul revealed that Johnson’s publicist had requested the removal of all social media posts featuring the actor. Paul expressed disappointment over not receiving a personal call or message from Johnson, stating, “I was so sad that my hero wanted nothing to do with me.”

Additionally, Paul faced legal repercussions from the controversy. In 2020, two years after the incident, Planeless Pictures sued him. They had planned a movie starring Paul, but Google’s $3.5 million backing was withdrawn in the wake of the Aokigahara video, leading to the lawsuit.

Despite these setbacks, Logan Paul continued to rebrand himself as a boxer, even challenging Mike Tyson to a fight. His ability to bounce back from controversy illustrates his resilience and determination to carve out a new path in his career,