‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap!


In the second season of The Wheel of Time, tension escalates following the heart-wrenching events of Episode 6, “Eyes Without Pity.” In Episode 7, “Daes Dae’Mar,” the characters face precarious situations. Egwene is forced into a damane role, leaving Nynaeve and Elayne on a mission to rescue her. Meanwhile, Rand, Mat, and Perrin confront their own distinct dangers.

Perrin, with the aid of new allies Hopper the wolf and Aiel maiden Aviendha, plans a rescue mission in Falme. Along the way, they encounter Aiel women Bain and Chiad, and Perrin gains insight into Aiel customs. Aviendha’s willingness to accept a beating further exposes their unique culture, while Perrin seeks to understand her “wetlander” background. Their journey brings them closer to Falme.

Mat, fearing Min’s vision, separates from Rand in Cairhien and is ensnared by the Forsaken Lanfear and Ishamael in Falme. Ishamael offers Mat a tea that reveals glimpses of his past lives, ultimately uncovering his true identity. Despite the disturbing visions, Mat drinks the tea. Ishamael claims he desires freedom from the Wheel’s cycle of suffering.


Nynaeve and Elayne are determined to save Egwene after the capture of Aes Sedai ally Ryma. They devise a plan to infiltrate the Seanchan prison using an a’dam they obtain from a sul’dam. The plan hinges on gaining control of the sul’dam. Meanwhile, Renna continues Egwene’s damane training, unaware of Egwene’s continued defiance. Egwene’s display of power unsettles the others.

In Cairhien, the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche, seeks an audience with Moiraine and Rand. Flashbacks reveal a pivotal moment twenty years earlier, when Moiraine and Siuan were in love and received a prophetic vision from Gitara Sedai about the Dragon’s rebirth. In the present, Siuan confronts Moiraine about concealing her stilling. Siuan asserts her intent to assist Rand, leading to a tense meeting with the Dragon Reborn.

Liandrin conspires with Barthanes to eliminate Moiraine. However, Barthanes’ mother, Anvaere, discovers his treachery. When faced with her son’s Darkfriend allegiance, Anvaere chooses the Light over his ambitions.

Siuan’s interrogation of Rand exposes the White Tower’s plan to control the Dragon Reborn for the Last Battle. Siuan keeps Rand shielded, leading to a revelation about their alignment with the Forsaken. Lanfear intervenes, enabling Rand’s escape.

Using an Ogier map, Moiraine, Rand, and Lan locate a Waygate. Verin aids their escape, but Rand realizes Moiraine was never stilled, only shielded. They cut through a Forsaken-woven knot, freeing Moiraine to use the One Power. Siuan attempts to stop them, but Lanfear intervenes, granting Rand and Moiraine a perilous alliance.

As they enter the Waygate, Moiraine looks back at Siuan, a poignant moment marking their complex history.