The Tragic Truth About Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey, widely recognized for her musical prowess and numerous accolades, burst onto the music scene with her iconic track “Video Games” in 2011. This propelled her to sign with Interscope Records and release her debut album, “Born to Die,” within a year, skyrocketing her to fame. Despite her musical achievements with nine studio albums and 11 Grammy nominations, Del Rey’s life has been far from the dream it appears to be, as her backstory is laced with its share of turmoil and struggles.

In 2012, Del Rey openly expressed feeling as though she wished she were already dead. Explaining that her life, despite its outward glamor, felt more like a “really messed-up movie,” she revealed a deeper emotional truth beneath the surface.

Del Rey has been candid about her early struggles with alcohol. Admitting to GQ in 2012 that she had a drinking problem since her teenage years, she acknowledged being sent to a boarding school at age 14 by her concerned parents to help her overcome this issue. Despite achieving sobriety, Del Rey has disclosed that criticism of her music often triggers a desire to drink again, a sentiment shared in a 2013 interview with Fashion Magazine.


The musician’s life has also been marred by harrowing incidents, including an attempted kidnapping in 2018. A man was arrested and charged with attempting to abduct her while armed. Del Rey, understandably shaken, reassured fans about her safety but likely endured a traumatic experience.

Furthermore, she faced theft of valuable possessions on multiple occasions. In 2019, family mementos and her sister’s artwork were stolen, leaving Del Rey to seek help on social media for their return. More recently, in 2022, her laptop containing unreleased music and a manuscript was stolen from her car in Los Angeles, leading to distress and privacy breaches.

The singer-songwriter encountered severe backlash following her performance on “Saturday Night Live” in 2012, receiving harsh criticism for her vocals that negatively impacted her confidence and subsequent TV appearances.

Del Rey has been transparent about grappling with severe panic attacks since childhood, heightened by existential thoughts about mortality. She sought therapy to cope, but these struggles persisted and intensified, particularly during the pandemic in 2020.

Despite her musical triumphs, Lana Del Rey’s life has been marked by challenges, revealing a vulnerable and complex reality beneath the glitz and success.