The Tragic Death Of Julia Roberts’ Half-Sister Nancy Motes


Julia Roberts, the acclaimed actress, comes from a family that has had its share of struggles and complexities. Her family history involves a diverse set of relationships, with both close bonds and strains among siblings and parents.

Julia’s mother, Betty Sue Bredemus, married Michael Motes after divorcing Julia’s father. The marriage was reportedly challenging for Julia and her siblings, with Michael Motes being disliked by the family. Julia’s mother did her best to raise her three daughters on her own, working full-time to provide for them.

Nancy Motes, Julia’s half-sister from her mother’s second marriage, faced difficult circumstances and mental health challenges. Sadly, Nancy Motes passed away in 2014 from a drug overdose. She left a note that suggested feelings of abandonment by her family, including Julia. Nancy had accused Julia of body-shaming her and discouraging her from pursuing an acting career due to her weight. This strained their relationship, and Nancy had publicly criticized Julia on social media before her passing.


Julia also had a strained relationship with her brother, Eric Roberts, at various points in their lives. Substance abuse issues affected Eric, leading to personal struggles that strained his relationships, including with Julia. However, Eric denies there was ever a significant feud with Julia, attributing any distance between them to his own behavior, which was affected by his substance abuse problems.

Eric’s substance abuse issues led to a near-fatal car accident in 1988 and strained relationships with his family. However, he and Julia began to reconcile when Julia welcomed her twins in 2004, and Eric expressed feeling immense love and connection with his nieces and nephew.

The Roberts family has navigated through difficult times, including substance abuse, strained relationships, and tragic losses, demonstrating the complexities and challenges that can exist even within a famous and successful family.