The Taylor Swift And Austin Reaves Dating Rumors Explained!


While Taylor Swift hasn’t penned a song specifically about Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, she has notably immortalized many of her past relationships through her music—a recurring theme since her self-titled debut album. Swift’s knack for transforming her personal experiences into relatable songs has been a cornerstone of her career. Although she often remains secretive about which ex each song references, her fans, known as Swifties, have engaged in extensive speculation. From poignant ballads like “Back to December,” allegedly about Taylor Lautner, to catchy hits like “I Forgot That You Existed,” believed to be directed at Calvin Harris, and even retaliation tracks aimed at Kanye West, Swift’s discography covers a broad spectrum of emotions inspired by her relationships.

Interestingly, while Swift’s songs have historically delved into her romantic escapades, there’s an absence of any mentions about one particular former flame. In June 2023, rumors linked her to Los Angeles Lakers star Austin Reaves. However, it eventually surfaced that the entire relationship was a fabrication. This gossip emerged shortly after Swift’s split from The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, a relationship fans speculated might have been a rebound following her six-year involvement with British actor Joe Alwyn. At that time, speculations and rumors about Swift’s next romantic venture ran rampant. According to reports, an internet user created the entire Reaves-Swift romance for amusement, with Swift never confirming or commenting on the matter. Later, Reaves dispelled the rumors himself.

The viral tweet suggesting Swift’s involvement with Reaves originated from @RefrigeratorLAL, hinting at a rendezvous between the two celebrities after Swift’s breakup with Healy. This tweet, however, turned out to be a hoax orchestrated by Zain Fahimullah, an employee of the LA Clippers. Fahimullah admitted to fabricating the story simply to join the trending conversation post-Swift’s split with Healy. He chose Reaves as Swift’s rumored partner due to the stark contrast in their backgrounds, finding humor in the disparity between the small-town upbringing of Reaves and Swift’s global superstardom.

Fahimullah, who engages in creating memes on social media, was taken aback by the widespread attention garnered by this particular post. The rumor reached Reaves himself, who found the situation amusing and clarified its falsity. Despite the fervor surrounding the gossip, Reaves took it lightly, mentioning that even his girlfriend joked about the scenario, adding a touch of humor by referencing his love for golf.

Fahimullah, initially entertained by the buzz his tweet generated, eventually felt remorseful as it gained traction and led to Reaves being bombarded with questions about the fabricated relationship. Reaves himself refuted the rumors during interviews, emphasizing that he had never met or spoken to Swift, labeling the whole story as false.

While the Reaves-Swift rumor was debunked, there’s no denying Swift’s immense popularity and the dedication of her fan base. When Swift began dating Travis Kelce in September, it notably boosted viewership for Sunday Night Football and substantially increased sales of Kelce’s jersey. Despite Kelce’s status as a renowned NFL tight end, Swift’s influence and star power remain unparalleled, evident from her ability to sell out venues like the Arrowhead Stadium during her Eras tour, a level of stardom beyond what football players typically experience, as noted by Jason Kelce, Travis’s older brother, in an interview with Vanity Fair.