The stars have spoken — Prince Harry’s presence in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s life is permanent


It’s hardly surprising that Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t exactly thrilled about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but it seems fate has a whimsical twist in store for the future king of England. Despite any familial tension, it appears that William may need to come to terms with his brother’s perpetual presence, albeit in some form or another.

Reports suggest that King Charles, in a bid to foster family unity, has extended an invitation for Harry and Meghan to join the royal clan at the Balmoral retreat later in 2024. However, rumors swirl that William and Kate aren’t exactly jumping for joy at the prospect and may not welcome Harry’s acceptance of this olive branch.

But as fate would have it – or at least according to Kate’s astrologer, Debbie Frank – there’s a different narrative at play. Frank’s predictions, shared with Hello Magazine, delve into the personality of the couple’s youngest son, Prince Louis, portraying him as a nonconformist who relishes in shaking up tradition. Despite being a Taurus, Louis apparently bucks the trend of steadfast sensibility associated with his zodiac sign, instead exhibiting a wilful streak that sets him apart.


Louis’ penchant for defying royal norms and forging his own path eerily echoes someone else in the family who chose to stray from tradition – a certain Suits actress-turned-royal. And it seems Louis’ independent spirit may even test Kate’s renowned patience, as indicated by the astrological clash between his determined Mars in Capricorn and her Sun in the same sign.

For now, Louis’ playful rebellion against protocol manifests in adorable antics, from yawning during royal events to playfully covering his mother’s mouth. While some may fret over a royal child straying from convention, perhaps it’s time to appreciate the charm in his spirited nature.

Yet, given Kate’s belief in astrology, she and William might do well to reconcile themselves to the notion that while one strong-willed Prince has departed the palace, they’re destined to navigate the spirited antics of another – an updated version, if you will.