The star-studded new ‘Wish’ video from Disney teases magic, music and a surprise goat!


Disney beckons us to embark on an extraordinary odyssey, provided we summon the courage to perform one crucial act: to cast a wish. Yet, in the enchanting realm of the Mouse House, caution is advised when invoking this power, setting the stage for the forthcoming cinematic marvel, “Wish.”

The potency of a wish is an age-old testament, be it in the form of candles atop a birthday confection, releasing dandelion fluffs to the wind, or delicately capturing an errant eyelash before it graces the earth. These are our clandestine hopes, whispered only to the ethers of wishes.

Nonetheless, bestowing a wish carries immense weight, as Asha soon discovers when she embarks on a journey alongside the resplendent King of Rosas. Herein lies an even greater responsibility: the capacity to grant these fervent desires.


Beware the fulmination of wishes⭐️ Behold the NEW trailer for Disney’s #Wish, slated exclusively for theaters this Thanksgiving.

— Disney’s Wish (@DisneyWishMovie) September 27, 2023

In the realm of Rosas, it falls upon King Magnifico to be the arbiter of wishes, a magical prowess he wields. However, Asha swiftly discerns that there are secrets Magnifico guards zealously from his subjects. He avows that only wishes deemed “beneficial to the people of Rosas” find favour, yet an undercurrent of malevolence looms palpably.

Asha stands at a crossroads: acquiesce to the King’s stratagem, bearing the knowledge that countless aspirations may forever remain unfulfilled, all to preserve Magnifico’s dominion? Or shall she summon the audacity to craft a wish of her own, liberating the populace from the notion that their desires teeter on the precipice of uncertainty?

Armed with self-belief, a celestial wishing star, and an endearing caprine companion that begs for endless companionship, Asha embarks on a revelatory quest a century in the making for Disney. “Wish” pays homage to the initial century of Disney Magic while casting a gaze towards the next centenary, for every devoted Disney aficionado knows that a smidgen of faith, trust, and a sprinkle of pixie dust hold boundless potential.

Director Chris Buck shares with EW that the film exudes a jubilant tribute:

“We wanted to craft a film that exalts in the exuberance of Disney and creates a cinematic experience for the ardent fans. It marks a century. The Disney audience has been our bedrock, sustaining both the studio and its enchantments. There’s an abundance of that.”

Featuring luminaries like Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, Angelique Cabral, and Victor Garber, “Wish” is poised to be the pièce de résistance of the holiday season. Despite the counsel to approach wishes with care, there couldn’t be a more opportune moment to begin conjuring that special desire, under the watchful eye of the most endearing star this Thanksgiving.