The Sour Conclusion to Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Once Tight-Knit Friendship!


The friendship between Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn Bristowe, once strong as a rose, has withered over time. They first met in 2015 when Bristowe appeared as a contestant on “The Bachelor” during Chris Soules’ season. Although she didn’t receive the final rose, she was later named the bachelorette for a new season.

Harrison stood by Bristowe throughout her journey on the show, even defending her when she faced criticism for her choices. He emphasized that they were mature adults in search of love, and he didn’t find her actions appalling.

Their friendship seemed unbreakable, continuing even after Bristowe’s time as “The Bachelorette” concluded. In 2018, when she launched her podcast “Off The Vine,” she interviewed Harrison, and he revealed that they spent time together frequently, including with his family.


However, their bond began to fray when Harrison’s association with ABC and “The Bachelor” came to an abrupt end in June 2021. This followed his defense of a former contestant’s racially insensitive behavior. This departure not only marked a downturn in Harrison’s career but also marked the beginning of the end for his friendship with Bristowe.

As a prominent figure in Bachelor Nation, Bristowe was tapped to step in as a host alongside Tayshia Adams following Harrison’s departure. While she clarified that she wasn’t brought in to replace Harrison, it was widely perceived as such in the media. Bristowe expressed feeling uneasy about how the situation unfolded, particularly as she received no response from Harrison despite reaching out multiple times to explain.

Their first encounter after these events was at a wedding, and Bristowe hoped it would provide an opportunity to mend their friendship. However, Harrison’s response indicated that their relationship had soured. Eventually, they chose to address their feelings on Harrison’s podcast, where he expressed sadness about the changed dynamic but also revealed that he wished for a different kind of support when he was replaced.

In the end, it seems that while their friendship has evolved, they have found a way to move forward, even if they are now more like acquaintances.