The Sims 4 devs form new team to address the game’s long list of issues


Despite The Sims 4 approaching its 10th anniversary, the developers at Maxis are committed to enhancing and fixing the game. They have announced the formation of a new team dedicated specifically to addressing core issues within the game.

In a statement posted on the Sims X (formerly Twitter) account on Thursday, the developers expressed their goal to “increase both the number of fixes and the frequency with which we ship these batched updates.” This initiative aims to significantly improve the game’s stability and performance.

Maxis has also shared a “Laundry List,” detailing various bugs and issues they plan to tackle first. Although not exhaustive, this list includes fixes such as ensuring dishes are properly cleaned and granting the “Had a Baby” milestone to players who create Science Babies. These lists will be updated approximately every two months, highlighting upcoming fixes and updates.


The team’s immediate focus is on performance improvement. The next patch is intended to reduce memory usage, which should help mitigate crashes and lag. “Our goal is to fix more reported concerns, both big and small, over the next six months and beyond,” the developers stated.

Given the game’s long lifespan and numerous updates and DLCs, it’s not surprising that The Sims 4 faces various bugs and performance issues. However, the community has grown increasingly frustrated. The announcement was met with skepticism on the Sims subreddit, where the top comment read, “Gonna be hard to fix something that’s been broken for ten years now.” The recent “For Rent” expansion, released in December, was criticized for its bugs and sparse content, leading to “mostly negative” reviews on Steam.

In addition to these updates, Maxis and Electronic Arts have hinted at a new Sims game, currently known as Project Rene. Details are sparse, but EA indicated that the game is still “years away” from release since its 2022 tease.

Alongside these performance fixes, The Sims 4 is set to launch a new season called Season of Love. This season will introduce the Flirtatious Expansion Pack, as well as updates and new destination kits, offering players fresh content to explore