The Sign Trump’s Relationship With Attorney Alina Habba Is Not So Rosy


Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, has found herself at the center of widespread ridicule following her handling of the defamation trial against journalist E. Jean Carroll. Not only did she face criticism from both Trump’s supporters and critics, but even Trump himself may harbor grievances against her. The trial concluded with Trump being ordered to pay over $83 million in damages to Carroll for defamation, a result that left many questioning Habba’s competence.

Throughout the trial, Habba faced numerous rebukes from Judge Lewis Kaplan, who admonished her over a dozen times for various courtroom infractions, including interrupting him and mishandling evidence presentation. Ty Cobb, a former attorney for Trump, didn’t hold back in his criticism, likening Habba’s handling of the case to mafia tactics. Comedian Seth Meyers also took aim at her ineptitude, joking that the judge was practically advising the jury to ignore her presence.

But it seems Habba’s troubles with Trump may have begun long before the trial’s conclusion. According to Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, there were behind-the-scenes tensions between Trump and Habba. In one incident recounted by Kaplan, Trump threw a tantrum when Habba offered lunch to Kaplan’s team during a deposition at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property. This seemingly minor gesture incited Trump’s ire, leading him to storm out of the room and berate Habba.


Trump’s dissatisfaction with Habba has led him to search for a new legal team, as evidenced by his statement on Truth Social expressing his intent to interview various law firms for representation in an appeal of the defamation case. While Trump didn’t directly criticize Habba, his dissatisfaction was implied, suggesting that a rift may have developed between them. However, a spokesperson for Habba indicated that her position remains unchanged, indicating that Trump’s search for new lawyers may not necessarily mean he intends to part ways with Habba entirely.

Nevertheless, Trump’s propensity for discord with his legal teams is well-documented, with journalist Maggie Haberman noting that he is seldom satisfied with his lawyers. Despite Habba’s unwavering commitment to Trump, evidenced by her statement expressing pride in representing him, the strained relationship between them may prompt Trump to seek alternative legal representation for future endeavors.