The shady side of Kate Middleton’s brother James


While James Middleton enjoys a picturesque life in the English countryside, his presence in the public eye, courtesy of his sister Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William, has brought its fair share of scrutiny and controversy. James, the most vocal member of the typically private Middleton family, often shares personal content on social media, occasionally revealing insights into the highly guarded royal in-laws’ lives. For instance, during the COVID-19 lockdown in May 2020, James offered a glimpse into his life with his parents, Carole and Michael, through an Instagram video.

As Kate’s younger sibling, James has frequently engaged with the press, primarily to promote his business endeavors. He owns James & Ella, a dog food company, and published his first book in 2024. However, his attempts to distinguish himself from his family have sometimes led to awkward comments and controversies. In his efforts to avoid being labeled a beneficiary of nepotism, James has downplayed the extent to which his family has supported his ventures.

James’s past has also been marked by incidents that garnered negative attention, particularly during the early days of Kate and William’s marriage. He faced scrutiny for his involvement in various photographic scandals, earning him a reputation as a “bad boy.” Despite maturing and leaving his partying days behind, James has found himself embroiled in new controversies, including disputes with neighbors over noise and light pollution.


Moreover, James’s business ventures have stirred controversy, notably his launch of Nice Cakes in 2012, which offered cakes with suggestive designs. While initially defending the designs as humorous, James ultimately removed the controversial section from his business website after facing backlash.

In addition to his professional and personal controversies, James has occasionally offered glimpses into Kate’s private life, drawing attention to her “quirks” during interviews. Despite his frustrations with being overshadowed by his royal connections, James has endeavored to establish himself as an independent businessman. However, financial difficulties, including significant debts and reliance on family support, have raised questions about the extent of his independence.

While James may have hoped to carve out his own path separate from his royal connections, his journey has been fraught with challenges and controversies. Despite his efforts to establish himself as an individual separate from his family’s fame, James’s public persona remains intertwined with his sister’s royal status.