The Sad Reason Behind the Cancellation of the Deadpool Christmas Movie Revealed


Fans of Deadpool received disappointing news regarding the potential for a dedicated Christmas movie featuring the irreverent character. Ryan Reynolds revealed insights about the scrapped project, indicating that four years ago, he, alongside Deadpool co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, penned a Christmas-themed script starring the beloved antihero. However, the plans for the Deadpool Christmas movie got derailed due to Disney’s acquisition of Fox, causing the project to be shelved.

Reynolds mentioned in an interview with Big Issue that the script for the full-fledged Deadpool Christmas movie exists but fell victim to the complexities surrounding Disney’s takeover of Fox. He expressed hope that one day they might still bring that envisioned Christmas-themed Deadpool adventure to life.

The unfortunate demise of the project seems to be primarily attributed to logistical challenges arising from Disney’s acquisition rather than any shortcomings in the script’s content. However, another possible factor contributing to the movie’s cancellation could be Disney’s uncertainty about managing an R-rated character like Deadpool within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), particularly in the context of a Christmas-themed movie.


Nonetheless, amidst the disappointment, there remains a glimmer of optimism for Deadpool aficionados. The fact that a script for a Deadpool Christmas movie exists implies the potential for a future resurrection of the idea. It raises the possibility that audiences may eventually witness Deadpool’s return for a festive and unconventional holiday adventure, offering a ray of hope for fans eagerly awaiting more Deadpool antics.