The Ruins Tops The Netflix Charts!


Only 15 years after its release, Netflix has discovered yet another hidden gem in The Ruins. One of the finest horror films of the 2000s, the film is now at the top of the service’s UK side, indicating that audiences simply can’t get enough of it.

You certainly aren’t alone if you’ve never heard of The Ruins. The suspenseful film, which debuted in 2008, follows a party of vacationers as they search for a missing buddy in Central American jungles. They are gradually killed by forest vines and ultimately come upon equally vicious Mayans.

Despite the numerous clichés, The Ruins is among the top body horror films of the past 20 years. People getting sucked into vines and making laves out of themselves in a large studio production is very gruesome.


From a book by Scott Smith, who also provided the script, Carter Smith directed the movie. The monster movie stars Jena Malone, Jonathan Tucker, Shawn Ashmore, and Laura Ramsey.

The Ruins, a box office dud in 2008, has been given a second chance on Netflix. It appears that Netflix does not have the alternate ending that was leaked after the film’s first release and previewed the vines spreading after the climax we see. Smith said at the time that he thought his conclusion fit in with the book’s.

“It has not changed in tone at all; I think that’s the key thing that we wanted to keep was to not have it be to turn it into sort of a film with a happy ending,” he told “It wouldn’t have sat well with the film, but also it is different from a book. I don’t think it will be disappointing for fans of the book.”