The Rory McIlroy and Amanda Balionis Affair Rumors, Explained


Rory McIlroy’s divorce from Erica Stoll, his wife of seven years, largely remained a mystery. Their separation shocked friends, family, and fans, but rumors of McIlroy’s alleged relationship with CBS sports reporter Amanda Balionis soon began circulating.

McIlroy and Stoll ended their marriage in May 2024. The PGA champion filed for divorce in Florida, reportedly enlisting Tiger Woods’ divorce lawyer and aiming to enforce their prenup. A source told People that their community was left “wondering what happened,” as no one had any indication of their impending split before the news broke. According to documents obtained by The New York Post, the divorce filing cited their marriage as “irretrievably broken.” Another insider mentioned that McIlroy’s demanding career was a significant factor in the split, explaining, “It’s a hard life being a golfer’s wife. They’re always away at tournaments and practicing; there has to be a lot of trust.”

McIlroy remained tight-lipped about the divorce when questioned by the media, though sources suggested he made an exception for Balionis, with whom he appeared quite close both on and off camera.


Observations of McIlroy and Balionis’s ‘Flirty’ Behavior

Given the suddenness of McIlroy’s divorce, fans quickly speculated about the real reason behind the split. Many pointed to Amanda Balionis after noticing the chemistry between her and McIlroy during a post-victory interview at the Wells Fargo Championship. The interview took place on Mother’s Day, and McIlroy notably skipped a greeting to his estranged wife, opting instead to wish his mother well.

Observers noted the giggles and blushes exchanged between McIlroy and Balionis during the interview. Their matching outfits, seen two weeks in a row, further fueled speculation. “Not to throw gas on the fire but Rory McIlroy and Amanda Balionis have matched the past 2 weeks,” a fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter. Another tweeted, “Do you think the Rory McIlroy and Amanda Balionis rumors are true? The timelines make sense.”

Adding to the rumors, reports surfaced of McIlroy being spotted in San Diego, near Balionis’s residence. He even reportedly picked up a restaurant order using her name. “My sister was at a restaurant, and he came in to pick up a ‘to go’ and used the name ‘Amanda’ as the pick-up. He paid cash – only a few people noticed him, and he was out!” a source told the Daily Mail.


Balionis’s Own Marital Troubles

Amid McIlroy’s divorce news, there were also speculations about Amanda Balionis’s separation from her spouse, former NFL player Bryn Renner. Rumors began in February 2024 when fans noticed Balionis was no longer wearing her wedding ring in interviews. By the next month, she had removed Renner from her social media display name, opting for Amanda Balionis.

Balionis and Renner got engaged in 2021 and married the following year. She had previously shared her excitement about their marriage on X, writing, “Hey @BrynRenner …forever sounds kinda perfect.” Recently, however, Balionis has remained silent about her personal life, dodging questions and adjusting her Instagram settings to limit comments.

Meanwhile, McIlroy appeared unfazed by the rumors. At a press conference for the PGA Championship, he casually remarked, “Happy to be here,” indicating his focus on the tournament rather than the swirling gossip about his marriage and supposed connection to Balionis.