The Red Sox now have the worst defense in the MLB


The Boston Red Sox find themselves in a challenging position, having suffered four consecutive defeats, including a disheartening 7-0 loss to the Los Angeles Angels at Fenway Park on Friday. What’s particularly frustrating for fans is not just the string of losses, but the manner in which they’re occurring—critical errors that directly contribute to runs and ultimately, losses.

In a league-leading statistic that’s not worthy of celebration, Boston shares the top spot with the Oakland Athletics, both having committed a total of 16 errors through the first 14 games of the season. These errors have proven costly, resulting in a staggering 19 unearned runs against the Red Sox.

Friday’s game epitomized this unfortunate trend. In the very first inning, a misdirected throw from shortstop David Hamilton forced second baseman Pablo Reyes off the bag, squandering a potential double play opportunity and allowing Los Angeles to capitalize with three runs scored in the inning alone.


The woes continued in the third inning when center fielder Ceddanne Rafaela, recently bestowed with a contract extension, mishandled a single up the middle, delivering a poorly executed throw that eluded first baseman Triston Casas. The result? Another run for the Angels, coupled with advancing the other base runners.

For a team whose pitchers aren’t commanding the spotlight and whose offensive firepower may be lacking, solid defensive play becomes all the more crucial. However, it’s precisely this aspect of the game where the Red Sox seem to be faltering, much to the dismay of their loyal fan base. The frustration is palpable at Fenway Park, echoing in the form of resounding boos—a reflection of the deserved disappointment stemming from the team’s inability to execute fundamental plays on the field.

As the Red Sox strive to reverse this troubling trend and reclaim their winning ways, tightening up their defensive game will undoubtedly be a top priority. Until then, the frustration lingers, and the echoes of disappointment reverberate through the historic confines of Fenway Park.