The Reason Andy Cohen Is Against Heidi Montag Joining The Real Housewives!


Andy Cohen, the executive producer responsible for casting on the “Real Housewives” franchises, has specific criteria he looks for in potential cast members. He seeks individuals who are eager for fame, outspoken, unreserved, outgoing, and often possess a natural sense of humor. While Heidi Montag may seem to meet some of these requirements, Cohen has expressed no interest in bringing her onto the show.

Cohen clarified that he doesn’t personally know Montag and didn’t watch her on “Laguna Beach,” the show that launched her career. He believes Montag’s prior notoriety from MTV, particularly her role on “The Hills,” makes her an ill-suited candidate for the “Real Housewives” franchises. Cohen pointed out that being closely associated with another show and network could potentially complicate her integration into the Housewives’ world.

Montag, on the other hand, believes she would be a suitable addition to the “Real Housewives.” She expressed her desire to join the franchise, contending that Cohen’s judgment on her suitability may be influenced by his preference for Lauren Conrad, her former associate. Montag argued that her background as a reality star makes her a logical fit for either the Orange County or Beverly Hills franchises.


Cohen emphasized that his decision regarding Montag has nothing to do with her past relationships or associations. He admitted to having limited familiarity with the shows Montag previously appeared in. Despite not being considered for the “Real Housewives,” Montag has remained active in the reality television sphere, featuring in shows like “The Hills: New Beginnings” and “Celebrity Big Brother.”

While being cast on the “Real Housewives” seems unlikely for Montag, she and her husband, Spencer Pratt, have embarked on a new venture by launching their podcast, “Speidi’s 16th Minute.” The podcast serves as a platform for the couple to reflect on their experiences in Hollywood, discussing moments with paparazzi, reality TV dynamics, and unexpected celebrity success. Montag and Pratt aim to regain some degree of stardom through this podcast, hoping to extend their time in the spotlight beyond their initial 15 minutes of fame. The podcast, “Speidi’s 16th Minute,” debuted in August 2023.