The Platform ending explained


“The Platform” is a gripping Spanish film, available for streaming on Netflix, that delves into a harrowing tale of survival set within a nightmarish vertical prison. The platform, descending through each level of the towering structure, carries a lavish feast of delectable dishes, a stark contrast to the abhorrent events occurring within. The building’s floors house pairs of prisoners subjected to a grim monthly ritual.

At the pinnacle levels, fortunate inmates revel in the sumptuous spread, while those farther down suffer from scarcity, leading to starvation, despair, and even brutal acts like suicide, cannibalism, and murder. The film is a stark commentary on societal ideologies such as capitalism, socialism, and anarchy, striking a chord with viewers since its debut due to its thought-provoking narrative.


The Platform Ending Explained


Goreng, an inmate who voluntarily entered the pit, awakens on level 48 alongside his roommate Trimagasi. As they descend to level 171, camaraderie disintegrates when Trimagasi attempts to consume Goreng, prompting a lethal confrontation between them. Their struggle highlights the pressures of the environment and differing responses to survival.

Goreng encounters Imoguiri, previously part of the administration, advocating for solidarity among prisoners. However, disillusionment strikes as they descend to level 202, leading to Imoguiri’s tragic suicide, leaving Goreng to survive with her sacrifice. Goreng joins forces with Baharat, initiating a rebellion by distributing food equitably, sparking a descent with a mission to enforce fairness and ensure survival for all.

Goreng and Baharat’s quest to convey a message to the orchestrators involves protecting a dessert, symbolizing their attempt at initiating change. Their encounter with a young girl brings a poignant realization about the essence of their message.

The film’s narrative shifts between capitalist and socialist reflections, initially showcasing disparity and transitioning to equitable distribution but at a cost—posing moral dilemmas and ethical quandaries to the characters and the audience alike.

The movie’s ending remains ambiguous, leaving viewers with uncertainties, yet offering a glimmer of hope through the notion that change might stem from the younger generation. “The Platform” prompts introspection about human behavior under extreme conditions, challenging viewers to ponder unsettling questions about survival and the lengths one might go to endure.