The Near-Death Ski Accident That Shook Tony Danza’s World!


In 1983, Tony Danza experienced a life-altering ski accident that left him with a broken back, among other injuries. This incident occurred while he was skiing near his condo in Deer Valley, Utah, and he was reportedly traveling at a high speed of 50 miles per hour when he collided with a tree. The crash was so significant that it became locally renowned, with people referencing it when discussing treacherous slopes.

Danza’s injuries included not only the broken back but also broken ribs and various scrapes, necessitating surgery. While the operation helped address the immediate concerns, Danza later revealed that the procedure did not go as smoothly as he had hoped. He mentioned that screws and rods were involved, and he experienced some ongoing discomfort, causing him to lean slightly to the left.

What makes this accident even more poignant is the emotional context surrounding it. In the same year, Danza suffered the loss of his mother, Anne Cammisa Iadanza. This profound grief weighed heavily on his mind and was a contributing factor to the accident. Danza has shared that his thoughts were preoccupied with his mother during the ski trip, ultimately leading to the crash.


Years later, in 2015, Danza appeared on “Dr. Oz” and emotionally recounted the connection between his mother’s passing and the ski accident. His grief was still palpable, and he tearfully expressed his regret and sorrow over the incident.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Danza managed to regain his mobility, a fact that he has described as nothing short of miraculous. His experience serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring impact of profound loss.