The MCU Audition That Revealed Tom Hiddleston Wasn’t Suited for Thor’s Role


Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is undoubtedly iconic, but there was a time when he nearly stepped into the role of Thor, the God of Thunder, during the early days of casting for the Thor franchise. However, upon viewing Hiddleston’s screen test for Thor, it became evident that his true destiny lay in embodying the mischievous and complex character of Loki.

Initially considered for the role of Thor, Hiddleston sported a blond wig and trained extensively for the part. Co-producer Craig Kyle recalled that while Hiddleston delivered an impressive performance during auditions, he didn’t quite capture the essence of Thor. Instead, it was immediately apparent that Hiddleston was meant to portray Loki.

Although Hiddleston’s acting prowess is undeniable, the screen test highlighted that his demeanor and presence weren’t quite aligned with the heroic attributes of Thor. The charismatic and humorous essence that Chris Hemsworth brought to Thor, especially evident in films like “Thor: Ragnarok,” perfectly suited the character, making it clear that the casting decision was fitting.


Hiddleston himself acknowledged this, acknowledging in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that he underwent a three-month audition process for Thor. He humorously mentioned the casting criteria of being over six feet tall with blonde hair, indicating that the right actor was ultimately chosen for the role.

Despite initially auditioning for Thor, Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki has proven to be an immensely pivotal and beloved part of the MCU. Loki has not only headlined a successful Marvel series but has also showcased depth and complexity, making him a standout character. As Chris Hemsworth hinted at a potential departure from the Thor series after the release of “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Hiddleston’s Loki remains a significant and enduring figure in the MCU, potentially continuing to play a crucial role in future Marvel phases.