The Marvels’ Rapid Box Office Decline, Surpassing ‘Quantumania,’ Cements Its Position as MCU’s Biggest Disappointment Yet


The decline of The Marvels, if one were to playfully twist Captain Marvel’s iconic catchphrase, is bordering on a remarkable achievement in how swiftly and significantly it’s faltered compared to any other movie within the MCU.

Starting with the weakest opening weekend among Marvel Studios’ releases in the last 15 years, the sequel featuring Brie Larson suffered a staggering 79% drop in its already lackluster viewership by its second weekend. Surprisingly, as it moved into its third weekend, the situation deteriorated even further.

The latest estimates indicate that The Marvels garnered a meager $7.9 million in international box office earnings across its third weekend, marking a historic occurrence within the MCU as the first entry to fall out of the top five within just three weeks of release. To put this into perspective, 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which many thought would be Marvel’s biggest disappointment of the year, took twice as long to exit the top five, slipping out after six weeks.


Admittedly, The Marvels faced an abnormally competitive Thanksgiving weekend, with movies like Thanksgiving, Trolls Band Together, Wish, Napoleon, and The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes taking precedence. However, this doesn’t mask the alarming reality that The Marvels is collecting an assortment of unwanted records as it approaches a potentially dismal total gross, posing a significant setback for Marvel Studios.

This circumstance underscores the wisdom behind Deadpool 3 being the sole MCU movie slated for release in 2024, although it’s a bold and risky move. If Deadpool 3 manages to achieve the rumored $1 billion mark, as the studio seemingly anticipates, it would affirm the notion that absence can indeed make audiences more enthusiastic. However, if it falls short, it might prompt Marvel to recognize the necessity for an extended hiatus. Notably, The Marvels included tie-ins teasing connections to Deadpool 3 and X-Men, but evidently, these did little to assist the film. Consequently, betting on the greenlight for Captain Marvel 3 might not be a wise move.