The Marvel Cinematic Universe would be ravaged by Deadpool’s Spider-Verse adaptation!


As widely acknowledged, Wade Wilson, famously known as Deadpool, is a force to be reckoned with. His persona is brash, unyielding, and unapologetically in-your-face, whether it suits your taste or not. He employs the art of being bothersome as if it were one of his superhuman abilities. Now, envision not just one Deadpool, but an entire family of them.

In the realm of comics, thanks to the expansive multiverse concept, there exists a phenomenon called the Deadpool Corps, sometimes referred to as the Deadpool Family. It constitutes a team of Deadpools originating from parallel universes. Much like the Spider-Verse narratives, this ensemble boasts an array of intriguing Deadpool variations. Whether any of these iterations will make an appearance in the upcoming movie, Deadpool 3, remains uncertain.

Among the ensemble, we encounter a woman aptly named Wanda Wilson, a youthful incarnation named Kidpool, a four-legged companion dubbed Dogpool, a malevolent counterpart known as Dreadpool, and even an undead member called Headpool, sometimes humorously labeled as the mercenary with only half a mouth. It is Dreadpool who stands out as the most formidable, having once eradicated his fellow Deadpools and even brought about the demise of the entire Marvel universe in the comics.


Given that the major buzz surrounding Deadpool 3 primarily revolves around the anticipated return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, it seems improbable that they would introduce an entire clan of additional Deadpools. Nevertheless, considering Ryan Reynolds’ penchant for peppering Deadpool films with top-tier celebrity cameos, one can never be entirely certain. Besides, such an inclusion would undoubtedly make for an exceptional post-credits sequence.

One significant transformation to note is that Deadpool has now seamlessly integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), opening up the exciting prospect of various other Marvel characters making appearances. The thrilling announcement of Jennifer Garner’s Elektra making a resurgence has already been made. In addition, within the cast, we are privy to the knowledge that Emma Corrin from “The Crown” will portray a villainous character, while Matthew Macfadyen from “Succession” also holds a role of note.