The Lone Obstacle That Hindered Paul Walker from Performing His Fast and Furious Stunts!


Not every Hollywood star possesses the daredevil prowess of a Tom Cruise, especially when it comes to executing the mind-boggling stunts featured in colossal franchises like Fast and Furious. This reality was particularly vexing for the late Paul Walker.

From the inception of the Fast and Furious saga, Walker solidified his status as one of its most cherished members. According to Joel Kramer, the stunt coordinator for Furious 7 in 2015, Walker harbored a strong desire to take on as many vehicular feats as possible throughout the series’ standout films.

Indeed, it was only legal complications that prevented him from taking the wheel and leaping off towering structures. As Kramer disclosed to USA Today, “Paul was capable of performing most of these stunts, but due to insurance concerns, we couldn’t allow him.”


Kramer further eulogized, stating, “Paul, may he rest in peace, was not only an exceptional actor but also an extraordinary athlete. He possessed an innate talent for executing all of these stunts, much like Vin. These gentlemen were truly phenomenal.”

Furious 7 marked Walker’s final appearance as Brian O’Conner, one of the iconic figures in the Fast and Furious universe. It also delivered what is arguably the franchise’s most awe-inspiring stunt: the breathtaking leap between Dubai’s Etihad Towers.

To bring this jaw-dropping scene to life, the production crew constructed colossal glass and steel structures on a studio stage, with a skilled stunt driver hurtling through them in a Lykan HyperSport at breakneck speed — a true marvel among the Fast and Furious vehicles.

Regrettably, neither Walker nor Diesel were permitted to undertake this stunt personally, although it’s safe to assume both would have relished the opportunity. This sentiment is especially valid considering that only seven HyperSports were ever manufactured, each carrying a price tag north of $3 million. Fortunately, the one sacrificed during filming was a specially crafted model that came at a significantly lower cost.

Upon revisiting the Fast and Furious series in chronological order, it becomes apparent that the stunts grow increasingly outlandish. However, if it appears that Paul Walker is at the helm during the most ludicrous moments, it’s likely because the legal advisors advised him to step aside.