The Last Showdown: Unbeaten Ohio State and Michigan Collide Before Game Evolution in 2024


The uniqueness of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry in college football stands out significantly. Jon Jansen, a former Michigan right tackle, highlighted the intensity of the 1997 matchup against Ohio State, marking it as the most physically aggressive game he ever played in, especially in the trenches. Despite a career spanning numerous NFL games, that particular clash remains etched in his memory for its brutality and significance. Michigan’s 20-14 victory over Ohio State in that game led to a shared national championship, adding to the historical weight of the rivalry.

As the upcoming No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 3 Michigan game approaches, the anticipation and stakes seem poised to echo the intensity of the legendary clashes of the past. Both teams enter the game undefeated, vying not only for the Big Ten championship but also for a chance at the College Football Playoff and the national title. The air of excitement and high stakes resembles the buildup to the monumental 1997 showdown.

However, this year’s clash carries additional layers of tension. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s three-game suspension following a scandal involving in-person scouting and sign-stealing has added an extra dimension of animosity and unrest reminiscent of the aftermath of the iconic 10-10 tie in 1973. The suspension has intensified the rivalry, making this game one of the most eagerly anticipated in the history of the matchup.


The intensity and bitterness that characterize the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry are unparalleled. Jon Jansen, now an analyst, describes it as a unique space where animosity is permissible for the duration of the game, creating an atmosphere that attracts record-breaking viewership.

Throughout history, this rivalry has drawn comparisons to wartime conflicts, drawing on the legacies of iconic coaches like Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler. The coaching rivalry between these legends birthed the “Ten-Year War,” a period that witnessed seven top-10 showdowns and solidified the intensity of the rivalry for subsequent generations, including former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer.

The present-day matchup mirrors the intensity of past eras, with both Michigan and Ohio State boasting elite defenses, offensive prowess, and a backdrop of off-field controversies. The anticipation for this game is heightened not only by the teams’ performances but also by the drama surrounding the coaches and the unprecedented circumstances, as highlighted by Meyer’s comments.

In the current landscape of college football, where viewership records are set, the Ohio State-Michigan clash remains a standout. The rivalry continues to draw immense attention and viewership, with only a select few other games managing to match its high ratings.

In essence, the upcoming clash between Ohio State and Michigan is not just another football game; it’s a culmination of history, intensity, and drama, with the potential to be remembered as one of the last great battles before the landscape of college football undergoes significant changes.

1 Penn State-Ohio State 8 5.3 9.96
2 Colorado-Oregon 4 5.2 10.03
3 Ohio State-Notre Dame 4 5.1 9.98
4 Michigan-Penn State 11 5 9.16