The Last Of Us May Have Made One Scrapped Horror Movie Sequel Unnecessary!


David Fincher, known for his work on films like “Fight Club” and “Se7en,” expressed his satisfaction with not moving forward with a sequel to “World War Z” after seeing the success of “The Last of Us” series.

In an interview about his latest project, a black comedy called “The Killer,” Fincher revealed that he was glad they didn’t proceed with the “World War Z” sequel. He drew a parallel to “The Last of Us,” stating that it had more narrative potential to explore similar themes. He mentioned their original plan for the title sequence, which involved using a parasite, similar to what “The Last of Us” did in its opening. Fincher also noted that there have been discussions about creating a more accurate adaptation of “World War Z.”

“World War Z” was an action horror film released in 2013, adapted from Max Brooks’ novel of the same name. While the film faced challenges during production, it was ultimately successful. Paramount had initially envisioned it as a trilogy, but the sequel project was ultimately scrapped, reportedly due to government restrictions in China at the time.


Although fans may believe a “World War Z” sequel could have potential, Fincher’s perspective aligns with the success of “The Last of Us.” He highlighted that “The Last of Us” had the advantage of being an adaptation of a well-written, cohesive story with compelling characters, in addition to being a video game adaptation with an established audience.

Comparing the two projects, Fincher suggested that moving forward with a “World War Z” sequel might have invited unhelpful comparisons and potentially diluted the impact of both properties.

Ultimately, “The Last of Us” series serves as an example of how to faithfully adapt a video game, providing fans with an engaging live-action experience that complements the unique medium of gaming.

“The Last of Us” Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Max.