The Kardashians’ fans suspect Lukas Gage married Chris Appleton for the sake of show


Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage filed for divorce this week, ending their marriage of six months.

Now fans believe that the celebrity hairstylist and the White Lotus star tied the knot just for the sake of Kim Kardashian’s show The Kardashians on Hulu.

The speculation began after the couple’s wedding was documented on last Thursday’s episode of the reality show. Moreover, the news of their divorce surfaced online shortly after their wedding episode aired.


One of the fans took to their TikTok handle to share their suspicion about the timing of events. The fan noted that the divorce news comes not “a week later after their episode of The Kardashians which is centered on their Vegas wedding, asking Kim to officiate, having Shania Twain surprise them to perform on their wedding day.”

Additionally, their separation date is last Friday “which is literally the day after that episode dropped on Hulu.” The fan added that they hate to see people getting divorced, but something about this timing makes one think.

Many other fans took to the comment section claiming that the pair did it “just for show.” Another wrote, “I thought this entire marriage was odd.” Third user confessed, “I love a good PR marriage.”